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Welcome to Vitro Minerals

Vitro Minerals is a leading manufacturer of recycled glass fillers & extenders. These products are widely used in the coatings, plastics, rubber, and adhesives/sealants industries to provide functional, recycled content. They also act as an excellent mineral admixture providing a 100% “green” construction material that helps contribute to the sustainability of cement and concrete.

Leading Characteristics:

- Free of Crystalline Silica – Fully amorphous
- Inert/Corrosion Resistance – Typical pH range is 10.0 – 10.5
- Abrasion Resistant – Mohs hardness of 5.5
- Low Specific Gravity – 2.55
- 100% Recycled Content – Certified pre-consumer and post-consumer feed stocks
- Uniform Color – In some cases GE brightness in excess of 90
- Uniform Particle Size Distribution – < 325 Mesh and finer with Hegman fineness of 6
- Surface Modifiable – Highly polar surfaces couple efficiently with silanes and other additives.

Vitro Minerals is headquartered in Conyers, GA with production facilities in Jackson, TN. Our management team has over 100 years of combined expertise in industrial minerals and the industries in which they are used. This allows our company to offer a breadth of knowledge and overall customer service that few competitors can rival.

Please explore our website and feel free to reach out for any additional information you may require.

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