About Vitro Minerals

Vitro Minerals, headquartered in Conyers, Georgia, has developed innovative glass products for use as mineral admixtures for concrete; and for functional fillers for the coatings, plastics, and sealants industries.

In concrete, Vitro Minerals VCAS™ White pozzolans meet all the performance specifications for ASTM C618 and C1240. VCAS™ pozzolans are white with low water demand, and can replace up to 30% of white or Portland cement used in the mix design. Products that can use VCAS™ White pozzolans include cast stone, swimming pools, GFRC, mortars, stuccos, grouts, and any concrete product where added strength and durability are important. VCAS™ products are eligible for LEED points from the US Greenbuilding Council as they add recycled content to concrete structures.

In paint & coatings systems, Vitro Minerals LA Glass grades offer excellent consistency in particle size, brightness, and hegman grind. LA Glass products have very high brightness and corrosion resistance rendering them inert in both solvent & water based coating systems. In addition to chemical inertness, LA Glass offers excellent abrasión resistance and low oil absorptions.

For plastics applications, Vitro Minerals’ glass powders work well as antiblock additives and functional fillers. The highly polar glass surfaces link well with silanes to offer strong reinforcement characteristics in such systems as nylons and urethanes.

All Vitro Minerals products add a green component to any manufactured product, as we have both post industrial and post consumer glass feedstocks. Our post industrial products for concrete are sourced from low alkali reinforcement  fiberglass. Our post consumer products are sourced mostly from curbside pickup bottle glass. Other products are sourced from high purity plate glass or windshields. Each glass chemistry imparts unique performance characteristics. The glass products are manufactured in Jackson, TN.

The Vitro Minerals leadership team has extensive experience in the concrete, paint & coatings, and polymer industries. As part of our service, Vitro Minerals provides its customers with extensive technical support to achieve specific properties and characteristics.